Our Values

Excella Medical Centre provides you with quality medical care. In collaboration with other healthcare providers, we endeavour to offer a holistic approach to well-being of our patients

Our Values

1 Reliable and consistent:

We are proud ourselves in putting ‘reliability’ and ‘Consistency’, at the top, when it comes to our values. We strive to provide our patients with consistent quality primary care. No ups and downs, no surprises! From the day you join our practice, we ensure you get the same quality care from day one.

2 Quality care:

One of our leading values is to provide the highest quality care possible to our patients. We believe a quality care together with out doctors highest professional knowledge delivered in our great facility will increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and patients satisfaction.

3 Integrity and ethics:

We keep it real. We bring our true selves to work. We don’t shy away from challenging conversations and we listen. We aim to give patients a clear and candid view of their options. We are transparent in offering our services.

4 Performance:

We value outcomes. We work hard to achieve the best result possible for our patients and help our GPs to do the same. We give responsibility, hold ourselves accountable and expect quality in everything we do.

5 Coordination and Collaboration:

We realise only a health service that is truly integrated with other healthcare providers can offer the best outcome for our patients. We don’t believe in fragmented health care and do our best to coordinate and collaborate with other health care providers including our GP colleagues, specialists, local hospital emergency and outpatient clinics and allied health service providers to achieve the best outcome for our patients.

6 Patient Centeredness:

Our patients’ opinions are critical to all of our decisions. We value our patients’ unbiased and impartial feedback and involve the community in planning our local services to serve them better.