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What do you value the most in your professional career as a GP?

  • Serving the community and your patients well-being?
  • Sustainable remuneration worth your time and experience?
  • Autonomy and independence?
  • Excellent clinical and administration supportĀ to increase your efficiency?
  • Working alongside a thriving professional team of your colleagues?
  • Flexible working hours and conditions?
  • Professional/personal-life balance?
  • The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction?

We’d all like to gain more from the things that we do. The problem is that most of the time, not all good things come in one basket. The practices that offer extra financial incentives usually expect you to make a longer contractual commitment to them and assign you with working hours and conditions, thereby removing your flexibility. Those that offer extra flexibility as an incentive often provide a lower financial reward.

But is there a way to have most or even all these benefits in a package?


At 'DR MARK GP Home Visit Service' , we can provide you with all of the benefits listed above. We offer:


No lock in contract:

We believe that if we offer you a decent working environment, you'll stay with us. We don't lock you in for any period of time; if we can't find a way to meet your reasonable demands, you're free to stop working with us at any time.



Flexible working hours:

You set your own sessions via the Doctor's Dashboard. If you have a busy week coming up, simply reduce your after-hours sessions. If you suddenly have more time free, work as many extra sessions as you like. It's your time, so it's your call.



Improved Accuracy:

Our website provides patients with the latest information on after-hours home visit care in their area. It also allows them to securely record their accurate personal and medical information such as past medical history, family history, allergies during the registration process.



Existing demand for your service:

Few areas in Australia, mainly in major cities, have adequate After-Hours GP services to meet demand. When you work with us, you enter a marketplace that's eager for what you offer. You'll be helping your local community at the same time.



Higher remuneration:

When working after hours, your fee-per-consult will be higher than your in-consulting room attendance fee during normal business hours. We, on the other hand, can offer VR GPs and General Registrants up to 80% of their gross billing income. Usual GP agreements only provide around 50-65% of your gross billing. So with us, you take home more on every consultation.



Running your own business:

We've invested heavily in our online self-service web portal, and we are happy to share it with you. Our system removes many of the hefty costs associated with starting up a new business, and also handles all of your administration on a long-term, on-going basis.



Using your time more efficiently:

Our platform helps you to make the most of your time. Most of all, it's paper free! On your GP Dashboard, you see the list of patients waiting to see you. Any notes that you make during a consultation will be stored on our database.